One Last Word

You can never miss the cute child down on the streets. Her eyes are as big as the sun. Her eyes sparkle when she hears the word: candy. You could see vim radiating off her. Not once has she said anything negative or talked back to her parents. She was the perfect child. The child you always wanted, but can never be contained. She is so energetic. You can't even catch her when she runs onto the street into the alley and pass a bus stop. Until a drunk driver ran over her, she was the life of the party. 


I came to exact my revenge in a little town where the drunk driver came from. I could imagine my eyes glowing red like an evil man. I came prepared with one hunting rifle, semi automatic, and two pistols. I like to hunt near the town. I parked my car next to a small gas station where two children sat eating Cheetos. Their mother was nowhere to be found. A little kid helped his older brother sell motor oil. "Hey, kid. I'm short on money. What can I do to get motor oil?" I said.


"Money." The kid said. I grumbled under my breath and stalked away from the station. I found out where the drunk driver live. I decided to stick with my original plan. I grabbed my stash of guns and head towards a small apartment complex. I found the apartment number where the murderer lives alone. I know his exact routine. He is in living room drinking a cup of tea while Aliya is gone. I shot multiple times into the apartment and ran out of there.


I went to a small forest where I hunt deer. I looked around for a deer to kill. A group of little kids ran around. There were no parents in sight, but they looked like they were siblings. They each wore raincoats and snow boots. They jumped into puddles that were from yesterday's rain. They played leap frog and vim radiated from them reminding of Aliya. I aimed to shoot them. However, I heard the trigger of another gun. There was a sensation in my chest. I looked up at the sky when I heard the voice of Aliya. "Aliya?" I said. That was my last word and I slowly fell into darkness. But that was not the last of it. My anger was destructive, but I could not do anything. "Aliya?" I said one last time. 

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